MARK2it for Sellers

The internet since its breakthrough into popular use over twenty years ago has become a wonderful communication tool and a comprehensive resource. Try and imagine living your life, personal and professional, without it. However, it has a major flaw: it lacks usefulness to a business wanting to find BUYERS.

Introducing MARK2it. An internet portal where customers post what they want to buy. You, the business operator, have live access to this site; you see buyers' posts and respond if interested.

Stop wasting precious resources on advertising and marketing campaigns. With MARK2it, real customers post online and you get to see it, LIVE!

Over $450 billion was spent on global advertising in 2014. We think this is a very inefficient and unwise use of resources. MARK2it sharpens the link between buyer and seller. It makes markets more efficient and greatly enhances your chances of a successful sale.